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All Texas  Bath and Kitchen knows how crucial your kitchen is to your regular family routine and social engagement. When in the kitchen, the priority is to create incredible dishes and enjoy yourself while entertaining guests. We mirror the effort put into being the perfect host, with the effort we put into creating the perfect kitchen.
A gourmet dish requires the best ingredients; the same goes for your kitchen. Flooring, carpentry, painting, countertops, appliance installation, cabinets, and plumbing are all crucial parts that blend to create your finished project. All texas home service and remodleing  commits to using the highest quality materials within your budget to fit your customized space. The process begins with you sharing your vision with our designers. Then we move to picking the materials and layout of the new kitchen. Once the plans are complete, and the ingredients have been compiled, you can sit back while our building crew goes to work.

Just like gourmet chefs, we know what we’re doing in the kitchen. With over 10 years of experience under our belts, we don’t mess around. We know you don’t have time to spare. The key to every remodeling project is efficiency and consistency. Small mistakes and irregularities have no place in the remodeling process, and we don’t settle for mediocrity. Every floor tile and cabinet knob has to be installed with precision or the entire project will lack congruency. Similarly, if the appliances don’t blend well with the walls or countertops, then the project will lack balance and an appropriate color scheme.


Although the planning and installation of your project follows our well tested, veteran schedule, we provide endless possibilities when it comes to what type of kitchen you are looking for. Very popular kitchen remodeling themes include earth-tones, classical, modern/contemporary, traditional, among many others. We try to express the selected theme through every material and color that we use. If you envision a rustic kitchen, we might make use of dark oak floors with a rich granite countertops and copper appliances. If a contemporary kitchen is what you have envisioned, then stainless steel, marble countertops, glass backsplash and contrasting colors might be a better option. All Texas home service and remodleing  is accommodating and understanding of the exact design you are looking for, and we will never abandon a project until everyone is satisfied.

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